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Internal steering wheel of a car

Primary electronic driving controls

DS&P Mobility supply a complete range of Primary Driving Control adaptations. From simple Hand Controls and Left Foot Accelerators to 'High Tech' Electronic Driving Control systems to the new AEVIT EMC system. 

DSP Mobility also provide a complete adaptation service where we can come to you and fit much of our product range, or alternatively, you could come to us and we can fit systems while you wait. We have a comfortable accessible waiting area while we work on your car.

Here at DS&P Mobility we have a fully equipped workshop where we can build bespoke systems for you to suit your exact needs such as Knee accelerator brake systems, foot steering and much more; whatever your needs just ask. We have a demonstration vehicle where we can carry out fittings and assessments to determine your requirement.

Hand Control Brake Accelerator

The NEW DS&P Mobility Linear Hand Control, these can be fitted to any car to operate the brake and accelerator pedals. This all new patented design retains Knee airbags and keeps all rods and linkages away from the driver, No exposed rods to the brake nor the Accelerator.

The standard pedals can still be used at any time. At DS&P Mobility we have a mobile fitting service we can come to you and fit the adaptations we can also fit while you wait at our works. We can also fit Electronic Trigger Throttle to your hand control to make driving even more comfortable. You can also have Indicator Main Dip Horn or headlamp flash fitted to the hand control.

Visit our You Tube Page search for DS&P Mobility Electronics and see some videos of our equipment.

Left Foot Accelerator

Left Foot Accelerator can be fitted to Any Automatic car. This will enable you to operate the Accelerator with your left foot. At DS&P Mobility we can fit 2 types of Left foot accelerator a 'Twin Flip Type' this leaves both pedals in the car and you can select which pedal to use. Only one pedal can be used at any time as one pedal is in operation the other pedal 'Flips' up under the dash leaving a space. Another type we can supply for you is a 'Detachable' system this has a plate fitted to the floor where a Left foot Accelerator can be clipped into place it also has a Pedal Guard over the right pedal to prevent accidental use. Both Systems allow the standard Accelerator to be used at any time.


There are many types of Steering adaptation available to you from a 'Steering Ball' or 'Steering Peg' to a three pin 'Tetra Grip' we can fit smaller or larger steering wheels. We have Remote control steering devices that will help you operate the indicators wipers etc from a steering ball.

The steering can be changes to suit you as you need it such as; Horizontal Steering, Joystick Steering, Foot steering, Lightened Power Steering

EMC AEVIT High Tech Electronic Driving Controls

DS&P Mobility are the UK distributor for EMC AEVIT electronic Driving controls. These are remote control electronic steering and brake accelerator systems. They enable you to operate the Steering Brake and Accelerator from a lever or wheel fitted in a position that suits your needs exactly.

W Series Electronic Steering Wheel this can be mounted anywhere in the vehicle right or left handed, hand, foot, shoulder, elbow, etc, operated. W series is a small wheel approx 150mm very low effort.
L series Electronic Brake Accelerator Lever this also can be mounted in the vehicle right or left handed, hand, foot, shoulder, elbow etc operated. L series is a short lever approx 50mm with approx 100mm travel again very low effort.
J Series Electronic 4 way joystick This again can be mounted anywhere in the vehicle right or left handed, hand,foot, shoulder, elbow etc operated. J series is a small electronic joystick similar to a wheelchair joystick that will operate the Steering Brake and Accelerator from a single lever.

Click to Open or Download EMC AEVIT Product Guide

We can help you find the driving controls that are right for you. Call us on
01296 658 508

Internal steering wheel of a car
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